2021 EMBODI Registration Open

KICKOFF: The Knoxville Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc is inviting male youth, ages 11-18, to join our 2021 EMBODI program. The virtual kickoff is Sunday, February 28th, 2021, at 1 pm via Zoom. Our special guest speaker is Clarence Swearengen, educator, athletic director, and mentor. Register for the webinar kickoff here.

The EMBODI (Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence) program addresses STEM education, culture, self-efficacy, leadership, physical and mental health, healthy lifestyle choices, character, ethics, relationships, college readiness, fiscal management, civic engagement, and service-learning.

JOIN: If you are joining EMBODI, click here to complete the registration forms. Email completed forms to President.dstknoxalum@gmail.com
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